Choosing the Perfect Layout for Your Website

There are several different ways to lay out your website, and each will suit a different style and feel of site.  Here are some ideas to help you create your perfect website.

  1. The grid: a good way to layout a very visual site, perhaps suiting those with portfolios such as photographer.  The grid layout allows you to show a snippet of lots of different concepts, ideas or products on one area, without going into too much detail on each.  The grid looks clean and cool, ideal for a modern business.
  2. Blog style: this is where your content flows as a blog would, with one idea following on from another etc.  This is a good layout for people who want a descriptive site which goes into great detail about products or services, perhaps you have news to share with your customers?
  3. Menu at top or side: you can choose to have your menu along the top, down the side or even at the bottom.  It is important that visitors to your site can easily find and navigate the menu, so don’t hide it away!